Decision Making

Decision Making

The decision-making process includes all these relevant factors such as facts, logic, gut feeling, practicality, creativity, risk, security, stability, sensibility, common sense, feasibility, financial etc


5 Stages

  • Making the decision
  • Staying with the decision
  • Evaluate the progress
  • Change the Decision – Step 1
  • Continue with the original Decision

Smart work ALWAYS beats hard work!
Focus your energy on the task in hand to make that decision which will GIVE THE BIGGEST BENEFITS.

I love the Abraham Lincoln quote…

“Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first five sharpening the axe.”

The great president didn’t suggest we should shy away from the six hours of work…rather he suggested using that six hours more wisely!

The person struggling to make a decision has one, or all, of these traits:

They are constantly tripping over the same blocks that keep them from moving forward.
They have no focus and continue to do too much of what their world dictates rather than what is in line with their goals!
They have too much-unfinished business which leads to worry and the belief that they will never make that decision

The person getting great Decision-Making results has these traits:

    • They have consistent “mental” momentum.
    • They have clarity.
    • They have a system for accountability

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