Grit Project Builder

Grit Project Builder

From making the initial decision through the action plan process to the outcome

A. Trigger – this is the decision one makes in the pathfinders track through the decision-making process

Decision can be customised changed, modified, revised to make the outcome achievable or a better overall result

Decision changes, action plan process changes as well, but should work backwards from the outcome to the present status

B. Action – the GRIT Project Planner, on what one needs to map out, list the tasks required to reach the set-out objectives

C. Reward – Achieving the final Targets from the combination of Passion and Perseverance (GRIT)

Process of

  • Assess / evaluate Current Mode Operations
  • Decision making
  • Goal setting
  • Action plan
  • Outcome achieved
  • Sustainable
  • Next round

How do I use this in my life?
If one wants to become excellent at anything
U must commit to avoiding distractions and persevering when challenges arise.
It is really the quality of being gritty that will prove to be most critical on your quest to achieving success.
There really is no way around it: working hard is necessary if you want to get what you want.


Understand your WHY
Plan and create your 3D

  • Define what your plan is. Be specific – You’re going to do what by when?
  • Divide – Break that boulder down into smaller pieces and carry the smaller pieces of away. Work on that.
  • Do it daily. It’s not what you plan to do that’s so important, it’s what you plan to do daily.
  • In cooperation it with some Exercise Management with your energy 20 to 40 minutes per day
  • Passion for your work is a little bit of discovery, followed by a lot of development, and then a lifetime of deepening.
  • Maximize your effects in your ability to achieve your goals is grit
  • The only person that can really push you a little bit further in life is yourself.
  • It involves maintaining goal focused effort for extended periods of time
  • The response to a challenging situation is more important than obstacle you face.
  • “obstacle is the way”. And you need grit to push through the obstacle every time you face a challenge.
  • If you strongly believe in the science of human growth in mindset, you have a greater chance of cultivating your grit over time.
  • That belief alone can give you the perspective you need to stick with something even when the process is difficult.
  • What can you do in small ways every day that would make it easy to take the necessary steps to pursue your life-long goals?
  • The act of becoming a master at your craft takes a lot of purposeful practice.
  • You will experience messy frustration. Motivation will ebb and flow, but you can only improve when you commit to constant practice.
  • You will make tons and tons of mistakes in the process. Making mistakes and failing are normal — in fact, they’re necessary.
  • You can maintain the effort and interest need to finish hard.
  • The tendency not to abandon tasks in the face of obstacles builds the resilience you need to succeed in life.



  • Persevere through difficult circumstances without losing confidence
  • Adversity
  • Never become victims because they retain personal choice
  • Setbacks
  • Are more consistent
  • Disappointments
  • Focus on what they can control
  • Failures
  • Learn from mistakes and then let go
  • Rejection
  • Self-Control
  • Criticism
  • Will Power
  • Temptations
  • Motivated
  • Quitting

Can you identify an area or time in your life where you demonstrated this kind of passion and perseverance? And what could you achieve if you started applying these grit steps in your life right now?

We’d love to you hear from you, so add your voice in the comments below.

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