Energy Convertors

Energy Convertors

Turning     into     = authenticity is being true and honest with oneself and others, having a credibility in one’s words and behaviour, and an absence of pretence.

It all starts with U, to make the effort and difference in one’s life by turning all the bad things in your mind and domain which has this negative effect and converting all that mis spent energy into positive energy by changing one’s thoughts, beliefs and attitude to achieve a big PLUS (+)

  • Setbacks, disappointments, failures, rejection, criticism
  • Adversity – personal experiences/circumstances, loss of a loved one, divorce, family illness (cancer) Injury – self-inflicted, war, accident
  • Addiction / Substance abuse – Drugs, Alcoholism, Gambling, Porn
  • LIFESHOCK = an unwanted or unexpected moment in time, offering an opportunity
    for personal awakening
  • Limiting = challenge our arrogance and appetite for control
  • Exposing = challenge our deception and pretences
  • Evoking = challenge our closed heartedness

  • To bounce back, recovery, do better, become strong, confident, self-belief, get a backbone
  • In other words, strength of character means a lot. The understanding that Our beliefs drive our behaviour
  • Generate our emotions
  • And can limit our true potential

Signature Strengths

  • Wisdom and knowledge. These include things like curiosity, love of learning, sound judgement, and social intelligence.
  • Wisdom and knowledge. These include things like curiosity, love of learning, sound judgement, and social intelligence.
  • Courage. This includes perseverance and integrity.
  • Humanity. The capacity for kindness, and the ability to express mercy.
  • Justice. The ability to bring about fairness and leadership.
  • Temperance. Qualities like self-control, prudence, and humility.
  • Transcendence. An appreciation for beauty, the expression of gratitude, the ability to hope, and the capacity for joy

The Human Mind Is

  • Highly interpretative
  • Generating profound pain, loneliness, self-deception that becomes the bedrock of our lives
  • Remarkable wisdom
  • Resourcefulness and courage
  • The imagination can destroy, and it can create
  • React against lifeshocks or respond to them
  • Can close to what might be on offer
  • Can open to extraordinary possibilities even in the darkest of circumstances
  • Harness the destructive aspect
  • Liberate the creative aspect
  • Problems / issues / conflicts
  • Mental health
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Anger Management
  • Bullying
  • No confidence
  • No belief

Conversion with GRIT Boosters

  • thoughts / feelings / emotions
  • perceptions
  • pretences
  • fears
  • Skills
  • Strength of character
  • Self-discipline
  • Potentia
  • Love-ability = the willingness to love and be loved
  • Happiness is transient & turbulent
  • Happiness depends on stimulus, it is not ours – IT IS LIFE, but we cannot own it
  • Commitment
  • Effort
  • Achievement
  • Experiences, relationships
  • Self-Management = maintain/sustainability

Stress and periods of emotional distress can lead to an episode of symptoms. That may make it difficult for you to maintain normal behaviour and activities.

GRIT through passion and perseverance of a short- or long-term life goal is a unique approach to tackling mental health issues in all of us especially suffering from low self-esteem, anxiety and low mood which manifests itself in harmful behaviour. This promotes resilience by building confidence, self-esteem, proving social support and giving a sense of purpose. Through this personal relationship, we ooze grit, even if we casually dismiss our own perseverance. Despite those internal battles, we draw on our resilience to grind our way through a depressive day. As learned through repetition and a supportive environment, our lived experience exemplifies our core tenets — i.e. through our own effort and resilience, we have the resolve to manage mental health’s ebbs and flows.

Fear of failure is characterized by an unhealthy aversion to risk (or a strong resistance to embracing vulnerability), this includes anxiety, mental blocks, and perfectionism which touches on our genetics, brain chemistry, and life experiences.

To the words of Eleanor Roosevelt: “do something that scares you everyday.”

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