What is Grit?

Guts. Resilience. Integrity. Tenacity.

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What is Grit?

Refers to the mental make-up of us as an individual and how one manages their thoughts and emotions whilst tackling day to day tasks which are either a challenge, obstacle or pre-determined action in reaching are desired outcome to satisfy internal demands and external factors of life, career, relationships and other’s expectations.

Have you got the strength, self-belief and determination to live the life you want to, as an individual which allows one to succeed in their chosen field, fulfilling those personal ambitions and responsibilities to others in the circle of life with satisfaction and gratification?

Of course, one can but with the assistance of other vital bits of the mental make-up which integrates with and compliments GRIT, such as traits and skills of ersonality,
character and attitude

Compliments of Grit

Funny, extroverted, energetic, optimistic, confident—as well as overly serious, lazy, negative, and shy. They are easier to spot due to being largely static and slow to evolve.

Honesty, virtue, and kindliness. They take longer to discern but easier to change

Cognitive, behavioural, emotional, positive, negative and neutral

Passion + Perseverance


Sense of Purpose

Having a long-term goal you are passionate about helps bring value and meaning to all of the hard work and effort required to achieve it. Do you need to check tasks off your to-do list every day to feel a sense of accomplishment? Or can you recognize the value of the larger goal despite the many steps and likely setbacks required to get there?

Humility & Open Mindedness

This humility is less about being modest, and more about being open to collaborating, accepting help from others and welcoming fresh perspectives.


Does adversity make you want to work even harder? People with grit tackle work tirelessly with a strong determination to finish the task at hand despite distractions and doubters. This tenacity to keep going even when the odds are stacked against you is key to success.


People with grit choose to be positive. They see the opportunity in a challenge. And despite the setbacks along the way, they can let go of the disappointment and move forward with humour, believing that it will all work out.



The fact of continuing in an opinion or course of action in spite of difficulty or opposition.


A strong desire to know or learn something


The ability of people, communities, and systems to maintain their core purpose and integrity among unforeseen shocks and surprises. Resilience is a dynamic combination of optimism, creativity, and confidence, which together empower one to reappraise situations and regulate emotion – a behaviour many refer to as “hardiness” or “grit.”
“hardiness” is comprised of three tenents:

(1) the belief one can find meaningful purpose in life
(2) the belief that one can influence one’s surroundings and the outcome of events
(3) the belief that positive and negative experiences will lead to learning and growth.

Optimism + Confidence + Creativity = Resilience = Hardiness =(+/- )Grit.
gritty people believe, “everything will be alright in the end, and if it is not
alright, it is not the end.”

Conscientiousness: Achievement Oriented vs. Dependable

  • Conscientiousness is the most closely associated with grit.
  • Conscientiousness in this context means, careful and painstaking; meticulous.
  • The achievement-oriented individual is one who works tirelessly, tries to do a good job, and completes the task at hand,
  • whereas the dependable person is more notably self-controlled and conventional.
  • that achievement orientated traits predicted job proficiency and educational success far better than dependability.
  • In the context of conscientious, grit, and success, it is important to commit to go for the gold rather than just show up for practice.

In the sense that while you may not have all the answers, you believe you can figure it out and find a way to solve a particular problem or challenge. It’s not striving for perfection, but rather being certain that you can build the knowledge and skills needed to be excellent where you focus your effort.

The ability to control oneself, in particular one’s emotions and desires, especially in difficult situations

Sticking to long-term goals takes courage. Entrepreneurs around the world will tell you that failure is an essential part of the journey. The key is to not be afraid of making mistakes along the way. You’ll surely stumble, but how fast can you get back up again? Don’t let one failure (or two, or ten) derail the overall effort.

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