What Grit Can Do For

Consolidates the mindtalk, effort and behaviours

What Grit Can Do For U

Provides a supporting structure to one’s life regarding the inner soul backbone of soft skills and enhancing our IQ, emotional Intelligence and philosophy by allowing us to:

1. Persevere through difficult circumstances without losing confidence
2. Never become victims because they retain personal choice
3. Building more consistent
4. Focus on what we can control
5. Learn from mistakes and then letting go
6. Not wanting to quit
7. Not giving up in other areas of life
8. It is not about finding oneself it is more about knowing oneself
9. Learning from hardships and turning that disappointment and experience into a positive focus on a new pathway towards an ultimate objective
10. Having courage and showing the strength of character.
11. Resilience is the powering mechanism that draws your head up, moves you forward and helps you persevere despite whatever obstacles you face along the way.
12. Toughness – “When the going gets tough, the tough get going.”
13. Step out of the comfort zone
14. a driver of achievement and success, independent of and beyond what talent and intelligence contribute. … Without grit, talent may be nothing more than unmet
potential. It is only with effort that talent becomes a skill that leads to success.

Consolidates the mindtalk, effort and behaviours towards the aims, goals, dreams, challenges, expectations to reach the outcomes, targets and defeat adversity, failures and obstacles in life.

In a society fuelled by instant gratification where social media sites like Twitter and Facebook have become so addictive is that they offer users quick, accessible bursts of positive reinforcement. One of the biggest indicators of grit is an ability to delay gratification while working on a task.

The second most important characteristic of grit is the ability to remain constant even though significant challenges arise along the way, allowing us to channel a little deeper into our beliefs about our own worth and self-efficacy.

Those with grit do not look at their difficulties or failures as a reason to quit; rather, they utilize them as opportunities to grow stronger and become better equipped for the next challenge.

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